World Bodyguards Association - WBA
We educate, we train, we recruit our best Students and
we provide worldwide high class of Executive Protection Services
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We apply a simple mathematical model:
Swiss precision + Skilled CPOs ("bodyguards") =
Safe and satisfied people

Is well known that we make clients happy, because we provide them custom-made services, adapting our type of service to the needs and to the lifestyle of our client (and not the opposite).

People are unique. How is possible to apply to all clients the same model?

Crime evolving rapidly. Actions of organized criminals, terrorists, professional killers, psychopaths and more, every single day "decorating" the headlines of the global news.
How is possible today to provide for Very Important Persons, simple services of a "bodyguard"?

Even if our famous brand (since 1998) does not allow us to change it and we must keep the title "bodyguards" in it, the last 20 years we don't provide "bodyguards".
Our services are modern and sophisticated services, provided by skilled and properly educated Executive Protection Officers and according to their skills and to the needs of our client, we chose the correct CPO for the personality and the lifestyle of our client.

Not all our trainees and members are able to work next to our clients.
We don't promise jobs, simply because the CPO must cover the demanded by us skills for any of our clients.
We do respect the unemployment and the money our trainees invested, but most of all we respect our clients, the lives of our clients (and of our CPOs) and our name.
So, in a week or two is impossible someone to be a CPO in our standards.
On the contrary, for WBA the CPO must be the most well-educated person on issues of personal security and safety a client can hire. So, it's not possible in weeks or months of training, someone to get all those skills (keep in mind that one of the 53 different courses we provide is called: "micro-expressions" and a complete 3 levels course, takes more than a week, but after the CPO can recognise easier than ever a suspect of a direct attack for assassination or humiliation of the client).

For the security assessment and the design of the proper measurements for the protection of a client, we use our very serious know-how and proved experience, but also in some special cases we use the skills of forensic and investigation experts of our Group, for the estimation of the level of risk and the visible and invisible threats of the client/principal and of his/her family.
Only then we can design and apply a strong security plan, with many alternative plans, in order to remain and act as real professionals, if our main plan collapses because of any reason.

The operation under the Swiss group of companies "Kingston" (Kingston International Group GmbH), gives us almost unlimited options and we can use Kingston's "tools" and partners, providing like this, not only protection of the life of the client, but also of his/her property, his/her cyber protection, his/her investment, and many more.
This makes us unique, simply because easily we can provide:
  • Security & Safety Consulting
  • The best human resources (except the skilled CPOs, we provide also specially trained nannies, executive drivers, uniformed security officers, private investigators for due diligence, and more)
  • The last technology in electronic security systems (alarm, CCTV, Access Control, family member's tracking and physical low profile protection, etc.)
  • Electronic Fencing for perimetric protection, produced under US Military Specifications
  • The most advanced technology in armored cars and in body armor
  • The top existing solutions against cybercrime (we can protect your computers, your servers, your emails, and your voice communications, with the highest existing protection around the world)
  • And many more.

Another of our strong points is that the existence of a WBA Team removes problems. Does not create new ones.
We design and we apply security and safety procedures, without to disturb the peace, the personal life and the profile of the client.
We can work even better if we operate in low profile, providing to the client an "invisible" protection and -if needed- even the PPO (Personal Protection Officer) who is always next to the client, he/she knows what "low profile" means and how to be also "invisible", but still there.

We teach this job and according to the opinion of our students and clients, we are the best teachers in the world until today.
Also, we use the experience of decades we have, next to very famous principals and clients, without any successful attack inside our records (pure luck, or succeeded prevention?).
That's how we know this job better than anyone else.
And how we teach the job?
Nothing it will be possible without the valuable services of Ph.D teachers, of top Instructors and with them we can teach all "schools" of applied Close Protection practices like the "British School", the "American School", the "Israeli School" and more, Medical Doctors, Fife fighters, EMS and FEMA Instructors, martial arts experts, firearms experts and more.

We remove all "myths" from the heads of our members, we are teaching them VERY WELL their REAL duties (real life it's not a movie and not only a fight as many they teach as the only topic of the job. Most of the times the duties of a CPO are different than even many of our competitors believe), and then we motivate them to push to the limit their existing skills, we show them the way to obtain new ones, and we can proudly say that, within the first few days next to our client, our teams gaining easily the respect and the cooperation of our clients/principals, because all respecting the professional opinion of the real experts.
All our VIP clients/principals are qualified enough to understand that their protection is in professional hands.

This is how we make our clients SAFE & HAPPY.
This is how we make our team members SAFE & PRODUCTIVE.
This is WHY we are unique and best to what we do, and we keep learning and teaching, because we don't know everything ...yet.

Chief of WBA.

You are a Client/Principal?

You need to contact us?

You want to get the WBA 24K Gold-Plated Badge?


You want to know more about the best school in the world?

Do you want to renew your membership?

Do you want to be a partner of our Group?

(all pictures below, are from a course in Portugal)

Do you want to see all our active courses? Please click here to visit the courses' page of the ISO-SEC, which is the ONLY training provider of WBA (if you find our logo somewhere else, please let us know).
In WBA trainings we provide more than 5 levels of knowledge in each type of the topics we teach and we certify only the CPOs (Close Protection Officers, or better known to the public as "bodyguards") they cover the minimum optimum of our standards and up.
We teach them that, what it makes the difference and makes our teams be the most famous in the world, are the skills they must get in and out of our classrooms and training "arenas".
That's why inside our teams, you can find Officers who can "follow" the client to all his/her activities.
Because, WHO will protect our client/principal when he/she goes for sports (like jogging, skiing, horse riding, scuba diving, skydiving, etc.)? We will.
We have also Pilots, Yacht Skippers, etc.

In order to understand more about how we work, please read the FAQ below:

Q: There is someone to drive my car safely, especially under a stressful situation?
A: Yes. Our students of "executive driving level 3" and up courses.

Q: There is someone to recognize a suspect who is prepared to harm me before suspect attacks me?
A: Yes. Our CPO students of "micro-expressions level 4" and up seminars.

Q: There is someone able to design my personal protection procedures?
A: Yes. Our "CPO level 4" and up students and our "Team Leader" students.

Q: Who is be able to create a plan for the route I must drive to move safely in and out of a city and avoid an ambush?
A: Our students of "CPO level 3" and up and our "Team Leader" students.

Q: There is a CPO able to give first aids to me and to my family members (the youngest part of my family is a baby)?
A: Yes. Our students receiving first aids training and they passed successfully our tests.

Q: The most of the attacks taking place at night (of this is at least what is logical). There is someone who took training also under low light conditions?
A: Yes. All our courses and seminars are very intensive and most of them finishing late at night.

Q: Why I need a CPO? Should I hire someone only to try to save my life in an attack, or this person can be more productive? For example, Can I use him to assist my house's daily needs or to send him/her to make shopping for me?
A: When you hire a person directly or via our Group and you pay wages to one or more CPOs, is totally acceptable to use the services of your employee as you wish.
But, if the moment of an attack your CPO is in Super Market? Nobody can do anything about it. And if you use him in other jobs more often as you use him/her as a CPO, then maybe you must ask yourself if you really need to have a CPO.
Security is like insurance. You pay it always and you will need it once. But if when you need it is not there or he/she is occupied, then maybe is better to use someone else to do the shopping.

Q: My wife goes for shopping many times. Must the CPO help her to carry the shopping bags and boxes or not?
A: Any employee must respect his/her boss and he/she is obliged to help your wife.
But if this means that the CPO must carry so many bags and boxes that is impossible to save the life of your wife, when in "a blink of an eye" someone who passing next of your wife pokes her with a knife to take her purse, then is better another person to be with them and carry the bags, but the final decision belongs to our client.

Q: You noted that your CPOs are well trained in many different areas. But except security issues, do they know how to save the life of my child when he/she takes it to the water pool while I'm in a meeting?
A: Yes. Not all CPOs can do that (yet), but if we know that you will use the services of a CPO during your vacations, we can provide you those they took also lifeguard's course.

Q: I'm not a target of terrorists or organized criminals, but recently for some reasons I'm a bit concerned. Do I need more than one CPO?
A: One CPO is better than no CPO, but the level of protection is no more than 10%. If you want to have an acceptable level of protection, you will need minimum 4 and one extra car and if you are under a serious threat, you will need a much bigger team of CPOs, but also other specialists who can work in order to minimise your exposure in risk. There is no formula for people in threat. We act like doctors. First, we need to know the symptoms, to estimate the danger, to know who we will face and how equipped and skilled is the "enemy", to know the reasons and the benefits of the enemy and then we will be able to design the counter-measures.
This is a costly procedure, but usually clients with big security issues, they can afford a serious security team.
Philosophy & Services
Our philosophy remains the same since our foundation.
We are here to upgrade the international security and close protection industry, providing serious education and services of serious professionals.
The security industry is a very big professional category, which started -as most of the professions- to cover needs in a higher level of protection than the irreplaceable and always valuable service of the police.
In the way, mainly by some unprofessional security companies, created myths and attempts to mislead the public in order to sell services and products.
Today, serious professionals (under unions and associations) and in cooperation with governmental authorities in most of the countries, security industry finally found its way.
Security is a valuable issue to all and in order, industry to move forward is needed to educate properly all people who are working on it.
Our job is like cooking. All we can read a recipe and add the materials, but only few can make a food tasty, healthy and presentable.
But those they can do so, for sure they had some serious studies. Because a healthy food it's not only the food with healthy ingredients. It's also the food that produced in a sterile environment and we will not serve germs and eggs of insects to our clients.
A good chef, need to know also which materials can be combined. Because a wrong combination can lead his/her clients to the hospital and even worst.
So, nothing is so simple as it looks. In our industry, many "rulers" of security companies aren't educated to the profession.
And if these "rulers" have the last word on who must hire, then the results many times are catastrophic for the clients of the specific company.
Instead to try to put brains to these people (sooner or later the market will eliminate them), is better to educate the service providers. The people. Soonest all security and close protection officers are well educated, we will be able to say that the industry is in the same level of all other professions who dealing with a so serious subject as is the protection of the people and of their properties.
So, we enforced to move also to education and we do it in excellent level (according to the opinion of our students and of their clients and employers).
The same time, we provide opportunities for a career to the best students we had, giving another serious motive to all our students to study very hard, in and out of our classrooms.

If you don't have time to read all above, then here is what we do in titles:

  • Background Check of our future students (we know who we will teach and for this is solely responsible the Organiser of the event).
  • Educational Courses and Training Seminars, in 5 different levels, plus we provide the option to our best students, later to be even Instructors.
  • Options our students and active members (active is the active member for more than 3 continuous years) to work in other countries
  • Options to our best students to be hired by our Group or directly by one of our clients
  • Options to provide very attractive franchising to same-minded franchisors

  • Security and Safety Assessment, Risk & Threat Evaluation and Analysis, Security Plan & Procedures Design
  • We provide human resources in security, close protection & safety
  • We provide vehicles, protective wear, electronic systems, etc.
  • And many more (like the administration of secure vacations, etc).

All our services are provided directly or indirectly via our approved executive partners around the world, but only under our administration, control, and responsibility.


The WBA Leadership, together with the agreement of all its active members, decided to move a step higher in the globall known excellence WBA projected since 1998 which is the year of its foundation.
Following to our decision, since 1st of January 2021 the old WBA Badge it is only a piece of metal, as it is not valid anymore.
The reason is that many members they didn't renew their membership, and illegaly they kept our property, without to have any excuse for this, as in the reverse side of the old WBA badge it is written with laser that they must return it in membership cancellation.
So, our new badge it is a property of the WBA Certified members. This means that in order anyone to get our badge, must be certified by us.
Since 1st of January 2021, WBA does NOT accept as valid, any certificate which is not issued by International Security Organization - ISO KLG (ISO-SEC) - Switzerland.
It is the only way to protect the public from bad professionals.

ALL active members, must communicate with WBA, take the course or the exams (for professionals who can prove min. 3 years work as CPOs) and if they pass the can order the NEW WBA badge, which is the one with the seal of ISO-SEC in the center and the "CERTIFIED" indication on top.

All National Managers, must contact our Chief, in order to organise the practice and the practice exams.

Since 1st of January 2021, all non-active National Managers they're demoted to Team Leaders (if they have less than 30 active members in their team, then they are demoted in simple members and they must pay their membership fees for the year 2021 or to deliver their existing badge to our HQ in Switzerland, with a registered letter and their own expenses).

From the 1st of January 2022, WBA will create the biggest Company for International Close Protection services and all CERTIFIED and registered WBA officers will receive partnership agreements from our company. This is what it WILL happen. We don't promise jobs or anything else in order to "lure" anyone to get our trainings, but we WILL chose those they trust WBA for many years. Now, is our turn to "pay back" this trust and support.

So, if YOU have the old WBA badge, no matter if you are active member of not, you CAN get our trainings and our new badge for lifetime. This is the only way the badge you have in your hands to turn to a legal badge, instead to be the evidence of an illegal action from your side.
You can always send the old badge back to us and finish this issue forever, without to take any course.

In any question, you can contact us.
About Us

Nothing can be possible, if our partner of every country does not see the cooperation with our Group very seriously.
The motives we provide are unique, as the model of cooperation we provide gives all possible motives first to our students and to our members by receiving amazing quality of training, after to our partners by receiving the biggest amount of the profit of the event and at the end our Group, by recieving the smallest amount of profit of the event, but the biggest amount of pride because we remain totally on track with the promise to upgrade the profession to a unique level.
That's why our Team Members are the best in the world.

1998 - 2021
That's why WE are the WORLD Bodyguards Association. That's why maybe WBA started later than others, but succeeded within the 23 years of its existence to be the FIRST in professionals and clients minds and people's souls.

We celebrate our 23 years of excellence and we invite you to celebrate with us!

200€/one time

In order to be able provide services to a client, we need to know who is our client.
For this reason client or (the representative), needs to provide us all necessary details for the registration.
This needed only once.

  • PayPal or Bank Trasfer
  • One registration per client (registered client with his/her responsibility can certify the details of other clients, companies, etc.).



In order to be a new WBA Member, you need to prove your skills and knowledge, by graduating our courses, or by passing our tests. Then, you can use this field to pay your membership fees.
ATTENTION: To receive our ID & Badge you can apply a request, with the payment of the fourth membership (to complete a minimum of 3 continuous years), or to finish successfully all 3 levels of our courses and seminars.
For more about this issue, please click here.

Note: Membership fees are refundable only if WBA decides to cancel your membership.
No other option of refund.

According to new regulations of our Group about our the ways our Group it works, only acceptable way of payment, is directly to our Group. DO NOT pay to anyone else membership fees, even if he will pay it to us. It's illegal!! Is like we try to hide funds from our tax authority.
From 1st of January, only PayPal and Bank transfer to our Bank will be recognised by us.

100€/per year

We must know all our Partners better than anyone.
Our Partners dealing with all issues of our Group and we need to know them well.
The specific procedure must take place within the first days of every year.

Our Certified Partners will receive:
  • Cooperation Agreement
  • Certificate
  • ID & Pin (ID & Badge provided only once and remaining as a property of WBA. Delivery expected within 3 months after the first payment)



WBA Instructors & WBA Team Members are active WBA Members. The difference is that because their position is very active & reputable, they need to be updated with the latest rules and regulations of our Group. For this reason, their contract with WBA cannot be valid for more than 12 months, because our Group needs to be updated with new pictures, new police background checks and new cooperation's agreements.
In a case of checked complaints for any reason, the cooperation with our Group it will end.
Instructors and WBA Teams are Partners of our Group and they need to apply the first days of every year for renewal.

They will receive
  • Cooperation Agreement
  • Certificate
  • ID & Badge (within 3 months after the official registration. WBA ID & Badge, remaining always as a property of WBA and issued only once).


With WBA all parties are completely satisfied.

The Client/Principal, the Instructor, the educational event Promoter, the CPO and our Group.
Nothing can go wrong, when all parties are happy.

Why we offer the best Services

When our target is the excellence, results are acceptable only if are at least very good.
Human factor is seriously concidered by WBA and this is the reason we base our operation in strict regulations and well designed procedures.

There is no option for a second chance in WBA, for those they didn't apply a full attention to his/her obligations.

As easy for us to remove from our Teams a WBA Team Member, as easy is to deny a service request by a client who didn't fulfil our agreement (amount and date of payment, disgraceful treatment to our Team Members, direct cooperation with people we provided, etc.).

As there is no option to give a second chance to our staff and we provide a crystal clear model of cooperation to the client, we demand client to keep this cooperation under the same model.

Our administration fees are so small, that there is no financial motive to anyone to exclude the only part who will keep always high, the level of quality of all provided services.

People are good, but sometimes they change in the way (especially when they come "closer" each other).

We stay focused to our target and our staff knows that we give no second chance to anyone.

But if we are excluded by the client's/principal's decision, then the specific team will be the only chance of the client and this is something which is obvious and many times people taking this advandage to ask a higher payment, or to provide lower quality (and bad results of no control, aren't finishing in these examples).
Protection of very important people.

We protect world's leaders and their families successfully, for the last 20 years.
We protect families in and out of home.

Protection needs unfortunately does not end while our client and his/her family are on the streets.
We protect people when they travel abroad.

WBA Teams network is the most extended network of Executive Protection Officers in the world. Call us to pick you up from the airport.
Are you protected inside your car?

We provide transportation protective solutions, with the armored cars we sell or rent.
Today, even the "next door" criminal carrying a gun.
Don't leave your life and the lives of your family in pure luck, when the 90% of assassinations taking place in victim's car.
WBA Nanny Guards
Are your children protected?

What is a nanny guard? Nanny guard or "nannyguard" as all people pronounce it, it is a profession that exists for many decades.
These services provided in the past by few security companies, but this is not well known service to the public, as in general is not a low-cost solution and this was the main reason that never was a popular service.
The name of the profession is in the same way known, with the same way as became known also the name of the profession of the "bodyguard" (nanny-guard is a body-guard for babies and young children).

The differences of a nanny guard with a bodyguard is that a bodyguard cannot be a nanny, but some nannys can be bodyguards of babies and kids.
But also the differences with a simple nanny are many.
Nanny guards police background is checked and they have a wide range of knowledge, including first aids and security. Actually they are already good and checked nannies, and then well trained as bodyguards.

For more information, contact us.
You have a serious reason to call us if..

- You need highly trained Executive Protection Officers (men and women)
- You need a referenced Executive Protection Officer or a WBA Team
- You are a WBA Member who meets the requirements and you want to be a WBA Team Member
- You can organise training seminars/events in your city, for the best Security School worldwide
- We share the same vision for success and excellence and you want to be our Partner.

Working days and hours (local time of Switzerland): +

1. Calls may be recorded for quality and identification reasons
2. Calls from callers with hidden numbers will be automatically rejected
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